All Rules

  1. Don't add categories that have the page under the header (Ex: Rules & Guidelines)
  2. Rollback/Undo a bad edit
  3. Don't add categories without admin permission
  4. Only add pages that have to do with starbursts
  5. Don't insult people (Block time: 1 day or 5 hours)
  6. Don't argue (Block time 1 week)
  7. Don't harass (Block time: 3 months)
  8. Don't spam (Block time: 4 months)
  9. Don't stalk (Ex: Posting "I found ur fb" or "I found ur twitter" or "Oh ur hot") (Block time: 6 months)
  10. Swearing is allowed but you can't swear at others. (Block time: 1 day)
  11. Trolling is not allowed. (Block time: Infinite)
  12. Excessively renaming pages (Block time: 600 years) (Block inputed on User:AStranger195


  • If you break the rules above twice (except trolling) will be doubled time
  • If you break the rules above thrice, then you will be blocked for triple times
  • The fourth one considers you a troll and you get blocked for infinite